Dr. Weoi Low – Osteopath

Associate Osteopath - Chatswood and Hornsby

Weoi is committed to enhancing the well-being and health of all his patients by providing osteopathic treatments for effective relief of musculoskeletal pain and improvement in quality of life. Osteopathy goes beyond symptom-masking to address the root cause(s) of pain. He believes that for injury recovery and pain relief to be truly effective, advice and treatment have to be customised to individual needs. Weoi aims to provide the best that manual therapy can offer to assess and treat your pain in context of your whole body structure, balancing and easing tension in the soft tissues to allow better spinal and joint alignment. In regards to preventive and long-term care, patient education is the top most priority to help you understand how you can effectively manage your pain to minimise on recurrences.